Tuesday, 5 June 2012

FreeMoXs 2013

FreeMoXs 2013  

a freerideski mountaineering expedition in spitzbergen....

In April 2013 we will return to the cold coasts of Spitzbergen for a 2 weeks arctic freeriding experience on skis!

Usually this kind of expedition is done with snowmobiles to reach (if not even to climb) the mountains.

We chose the more ecological way: we will start in Longyerabyen pulling all the equipment with pulks to put up basecamp in the mountainous areas south east of Longyearbyen.

Everyday we will hike the surrounding peaks to cut first lines in the snowy faces and the steep couloirs.

We will have to deal with the permanent threat of polar bears living on the island, avalanches not to mention the wind and the cold....

more to come...the planning just started


  1. Wow... Sounds very interesting!

  2. Yeah, we´ll see! there´s so much to plan. Actually this is phase 1: team building :-)